about US

These days, not even a GPS can help the serious eater navigate the maze of restaurants.
So we thought – why make it complicated? We do what we know best, and we know a great deal.
Chef and owner of MOMO GRILL Vytautas Samavičius is widely known for his international experience, but what he’s actually FEELING can only be revealed after taking a bite, a spoonful or otherwise sampling his cooking.
Knowledge AND feelings. Seasons AND emotions.
Flavour AND memories.
Sometimes it’s so simple that it can even be complicated.


The first question is usually “How fast is it?”.
To which we answer: “But is it memorable?”
There is no rule that says it’s supposed to be boring.
Light dishes, so that you’re not feeling sleepy back at your desk? Of course. The best taste for the lowest price?
After all, we are ordinary people, just like everyone else.
Alright, let’s get back to it – “How fast is it?”
Well, let’s say that it will be fast enough not to get you fired.
Will you remember what you had for lunch this afternoon?Our goal is for that answer to be YES!


One simple rule:
To keep things interesting FOR OURSELVES.
NO chef and NO server can create a proper feast for our guests, if they are bo-ored.
And by “interesting” food, we don’t mean a towering fantastical masterpiece on a plate.
To us, “interesting” means to be pleasantly surprised.
To keep being pleasantly surprised.
The best matches are not the colours but the shades.
What remains the longest is not the flavour but the aftertaste.
It’s not the note that stays with you but the melody.
Can a sunset be boring? The sea? A child’s laughter?
That’s what we’re saying. Enjoy your meal!


Please, PLEASE, book a table IN ADVANCE.
Guests who have already dined with us know that our space is tiiiiiiny…
And trust us, nothing breaks the chef’s heart more than having to say “We are very sorry, but we are fully booked tonight…”.
It’s really not because we’re selfish.
It’s just such a shame that we cannot pleasantly surprise another customer today.

about Momo burgers

What’s the secret to a good burger?

Juicy meat? A fresh bun? The sauce?

Momo burgers for your pleasure, every Saturday:

Klaipėda. September 9nd, Saturday.

 12:00 – 16:00

Lamb burger with onion jam


Kaunas. September 9nd, Saturday.

11:00 – 16:00

Beef burger


Vilnius. September 9nd, Saturday.

12:00 – 16:00

Beef burger with tiger shrimps